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A gift of inspiration, spirituality, comfort and encouragement…

Stories by professional storytellers and stories by inspiring musicians.

Both share inspiration, comfort, spirituality and encouragement

For Such a Time as This!

Join us every week!

​*This program is made possible through a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute of

Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan, with funds provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.”

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Video 1

Introduction to For Such a Time as This

Video 2

Singing the Story: Tiffany's Story and Song

Video 3

Storytelling: "The Baptism" by Edwin Gonzalez-Gertz 

Video 4

Singing the Story:  Celebrating African-American History Month

A BHM Musical Presentation of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" & "We Shall Overcome" featuring Terry Butler

Video 5

Story Telling with Barry Mann: "The Toughest, Gentlest Lawman:

The Inspiring Story of Bass Reeves"

Video 6

Singing the Story with Ms. Evelyn White performing "Break Every Chain" & "Order My Steps"

Video 7

Storytelling by Gwendolyn Napier  "Hyena and the Lion - Who are you?"

Video 8

Singing the Story - "Great is Thy Faithfulness" hymn / Saxophonist Craig Crawford

Video 9

Storytelling by Akbar Imhotep "Apartment 109"

Video 10

Singing the story by Keith Johnson "Amazing Grace" & "Chilly Winds"

Video 11

Storytelling by Jone Williams "Another Time Such As This"

Video 12

Singing the story by For The Love of Sax "Let My Peoples Go" & "Wade In The Water"

Video 13

Storytelling by Ladoris Davis "Building Bridges"

Video 14

Storytelling by Gloria Elder "I Walked A Mile In Her Shoes"

Video 15

Singing the story by Curtis Letne "Footprints/Jesus Is/Amazing Grace"

Video 16

Singing the Story by Edwin Estime "What A Friend We Have In Jesus"

Video 17

Storytelling by Tara Thompson "Enjoy The Journey"

Video 18

Storytelling by Margaret Rose Edinburgh "Camden Place"

Video 19

Singing the Story by Christopher Neely “Tis So Sweet & Holy, Holy, Holy” 

Video 20

Singing the Story by Cedric Huddleston and Tiffany Nealy Peoples "Bridging The Gap Between Worshippers"

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