Rev. Edwin Gonzalez-Gertz, MA. M.Div.

Edwin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in a Protestant family that modeled the love of God, strength in family and faithfulness to the church. Early in his teens he had many questions about God and society. In God’s grace, Edwin began his spiritual journey at a Presbyterian Church in Puerto Rico. This church provided many answers and presented new questions. Above all, he was provided spiritual guidance and a solid biblical foundation. It was here that Edwin was inspired and motivated to go into ministry.


Edwin did undergraduate work in Sociology and Psychology at The University of South Florida before going to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago to study theology and pastoral counseling. He was a counselor, preacher and teacher in church and college while also working in community social services in Chicago and Miami. Reverend Gonzalez-Gertz completed his M.Div. at The Florida Center for Theological Studies and was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Chruch (USA) in 2005. He is a specialist in congregational transformation and multicultural ministries.

Tiffany Peoples, Director of Music & Worship Arts

Tiffany's parents (Howard and Sandra Nealy) noticed she could identify hamonies and sing various parts of music at the age of five. Her father, a profound organist, aong with her mother, a distinguished vocalist, began to train little Tiffany in church. From her start at Grace Lutheran School (Queens, NY) to her higher education at Norfolk State University (Norfolk, VA) and Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA), her focus on Chroal Music, knack for choir development, and vocal training have turned her hobby into a profession.


She is a member of the gospel recording group 4LOVE, which consists of four talented, saved, and anointed you women who travel throughout the United States and abroad ministering the gospel through their musical gifts.


Tiffany credits God for the gifts and talents she loves to share. With her extensive experience in teaching and performing all genres of music, she loves to learn more and welcomes new ideas and challenges.

Current Session Members

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Beverly Larsen

Clerk of Session

  2019 Session Members: From Left: Rev. Edwin Gonzalez-Gertz, Moderator, Doris Kidney, Mary York, Mary Opoku, Maria Hernandez-Velardo, Suzanne Patrick,Doin Kibaara, Grace Gathaiya. Front: Jennifer Whitehead and Cheryl Waters                                                                         

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