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M&M Worship: Meaningful and Memorable Worship

At Light of Hope Presbyterian Church we have been coached by The Worship Design Studio and Dr. Marcia McFee.

Therefore, our service is an Immersion experience; a highly intentional and artistic blended worship including traditional, contemporary and multicultural elements of worship. Our worship design team prepares elements of

worship along with the pastor and music director in the areas of verbal arts, dramatic arts, media arts, visual arts

and musical arts. All elements are woven into an M&M worship experience.

IMG_20181127_184156831 (2).jpg
Creative and Innovative Worship
Creativity and Innovation in worship allows for the inclusion of traditional, contemporary and multicultural elements to the worship experience. Creativity in worship welcomes all kind of individuals to participate in the design, planning and implementation of worship services. God has given the Reformed family of churches great toys to play in worship. Why limit ourselves?
Symbolically Provocative Worship

Human beings respond deeply to symbols. Using symbols in an intentional manner and  including them in the teaching as well as in the singing will create responses. In this picture, notice how a water feature illustrates the flow of the Spirit (water) through all kinds of different individuals, illustrated by the variety of vessels. 

Interactive Worship
Easter Flower Cross
Our worship experience has elements of interaction with symbols, metaphors, musical instruments and sometimes dance, elements to touch, or activities that open a new dimension to worship creating
a community experience.

Transformational Worship

​This kind of worship tends to be transformational; shifting the worship experience from a private, individual affair to an intimate, deep and relational worship experience with God and one another. Transformational worship should lead to growth in discipleship and changes in faith, life and community. 
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